Snowboarding clothing and accessories

Bag Beanie $40.00

Bag Beanie

This snowboarding beanie with enough bag to rock any way your Steez desires. Measures 12.5" top to bottom. Hand-knit using hand-dyed 100% merino wool yarn.
Crown $15.00


A rockin' snowboarding headband fit for royalty. Hand-knit with 100% merino hand-dyed yarn. Measures 3" wide.
Face Mask $35.00

Face Mask

Keep the warmth in and the freeze out with our signature snowboarding face mask. Naturally insulating and always breathable. Hand-knit with hand-dyed 100% merino wool. Measures 17 3/4" across top by 11" top to point.
Sleeves $45.00 - $55.00


Up-to-the elbow fingerless snowboarding gloves are designed to keep you warm and stylin' even after the season's over. Hand-knit using hand-dyed 100% chunky merino wool yarn. Length for women's sizes: 13" S/M, 15" L/XL. Men's sizes: 14.5" M, 16" L/XL.
Tall Scarf $75.00

Tall Scarf

This scarf is extra long, extra soft, and extra cozy. Hand-knit using hand-dyed 100% soft and chunky merino wool yarn. Measures 7" wide by 96" long.