What's what with Steez Gear

Steez Gear has been a snow based brand since 2011 but 1998 is when the ball began to roll. That year Josh Lannan got frost bite on his face, as a ten year old kid that really sucked. Ever since Lannan has never gone riding without something to cover his face. In the past ten seasons he has had the chance to try it all, but nothing really performed. 


“I just wanted something that would stay warm. I did the homework and found out that no matter what you put on over your mouth things were going to get wet from your breath. From there I wanted something that was going to stay warm even when it got wet. I finally stumbled across the awesome powers of merino wool.” 


Merino is made by nature with fibers that insulate even when they are wet. Eureka! Who made the first magical face mask? Mom of course, Mrs Lannan was knitting at the time and hooked Josh up with a wool face mask and that was that. Steez Gear is built from beliefs in quality, responsibility, and the fact that it solves the problem of fashion and function on the slopes out in the cold.